Kamchatka brown bears: Autumn




Place of hunting:

Kamchatsky Krai, Tigilsky district, Palana

Terms of hunting:

01.09 – 01.10.


Stationary hunting lodges, tented camps. Generator, satellite communications, steam room.(See the photos)

Means the movement of hunting:

all-terrain Vehicle, horseback or on foot.

Duration of the tour:

14 (12) days 10 days of hunting.

The scheme of transfer to the hunting camp:

it is Necessary to clarify.

The price of the issue.

  • 5000 Evro : (Servis 3000 euro + Trophi 2000 euro )
  • The second and subsequent trophy 3000 Evro.
  • Fishing 20 Evro a day.

The price includes:

Meeting and seeing off at the airport of. Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, accommodation in the camp, guide services, processing of trophies, veterinary certificate.

The price does not include:

Accommodation in hotels of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky or Palana , transfer Petropavlovsk – Palana and Palana – Petropavlovsk , flight Tickets and extra charge for Luggage, cites, alcoholic drinks , permission to transport firearms ( 150 evros ).

The client it is necessary to have:

  1. The sleeping bag.
  2. Warm clothes and boots, high boots.
  3. The trophy bag.,


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