Sea fishing in Kamchatka

The place of fishing:

sea of Okhotsk п.Палана

The object of fishing:

Pacific halibut.


the polar sharks, flounder (3 species), cod, Alaska Pollock, sculpin, Kamchatka and волосатый crabs.

Dimensions of halibut 5 – 40 kg. Possible instances larger.

The ways of fishing:

Bottom fishing from boats (boats) with the help of the marine gear in the sea in 5 -10 km from the coast. Transport – boats 4-6 meters length, Yamaha outboards, Тохацу. On each of 2 anglers. The boat marine Yamaha FR-26 (26 ft) 2 – 4 anglers.


Hotel in Палане, Double rooms, renovated, shower, sauna, etc. The price of accommodation per day. – 2200р. without power, 2500r. (includes lunch, dinner. Breakfast, tea, coffee).(See the photos)

The best time for fishing 15 June – 25 July.

Recommended duration of the tour – 7 days.

The number of fishermen in the group of 2-8 people.

Cost of service:

from 500$ in the day / per person

The price does not include:

air tickets, accommodation in a hotel, alcoholic drinks.

It is necessary to take:

a cream from sunburn, warm waterproof clothing, boots.

In addition there is the possibility to organize fishing for salmon (р.Жиловая, р.Палана)

Object species:

Chinook salmon, Shem, rainbow trout, East Siberian char, Grayling.

Gear used:

fly fishing, spinning.

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