Hunting for wolves


the Tundra wolf.

Additional trophies:

During the hunting season, Wolverine, lynx.

The place of the tour:

Kamchatsky Krai, Пенжинский district


Second half of February, March. The best time to March. (Long light day, not very strong frosts of up to – 20 ).

Tour duration:

10 days (with account of bad weather: Blizzard, poor visibility).


in reindeer breeding base (a big house, a bath), generator, satellite communications, a cook.

The number of hunters in a group: 1 – 2.

The movement on the hunt, snowmobiles, hunter moves into the sledge, equipped with a chair.


by Plane Yak-40, An – 26 from Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky to Тиличики (Olyutorsky district). Overnight stay. Further helicopter 0.5 hour. Or a Snowmobile – 100 km).

Description of the way of hunting.

The base camp will be located in the neighborhood of the winter grazing of reindeer farm. Close (within 100 km). is another herd. Between herds established radio communication. Wolves permanently reside in the radius of accessibility from the flocks of periodically attacking the herd. While in the camp and in conjunction with the herds, you can keep track of the situation with the damages caused to and maximize the use of snowmobiles or helicopter. The task of the hunters immediately after damage (attack of the wolves at Tabun), quickly overtake the family of wolves and try to get. Between damages caused to you can also try to find traces and вытропить wolves, combing the area between the herds and around them. Especially favorable for the days after пороши. In bad weather or in anticipation of потрав you can do winter fishing (pike, grayling, сиговые).


  • Service – 7000$
  • The trophy of the wolf – 1000$ (Paid only exported trophies).
  • Wolverine – 1200$
  • Lynx – 2200$

Price includes: accommodation, meals, guide service.

Additional charges:

Veterinary certificate for export of trophies .

The price does not include: Helicopter. Accommodation in hotels of Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky, Tickets and extra charge for Luggage, alcoholic drinks.

It is necessary to have:

  • weapons Carbine
  • Sleeping bag, Mat.
  • Warm clothes and shoes (preferably snowmobile).
  • Ski goggles and a mask for the face.
  • GPS Navigator.

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