Kamchatka . Elk , Bighorn Sheer, Bear.


Chukotka elk is nhe biggest elk of Eurasia with very big horns.

Size of the trophy: span is from 120sm to 190sm. Weight is from 20kg to 50kg. Maximum weight of the trophy was 49 kg.Hunters can count on a trophy with weight of 20-38 kg.and span of up to 175 sm.

Objects of hunting:

(Chukotka) Elk , Bear , Bighorn Sheep , Wolf.

Can be combined with hunting Kamchatka snow sheep, the Kamchatka brown bear.

Place of hunting:

Kamchatsky Krai, Ust-Kamchatka region.

Terms of hunting:

1.08 – 15.11


Accommodation in heated huts for 3 people.Canteen and shower are in separate heated wooden huts. Hot food is served 3 times a day. Satellite communications.Radio receiver 8-10km. functioning.Generator 220v.

Tour duration:

14days, 11 days of hunting and fishing.

The number of clients in a group of 3-6.

Schedule of the tour and:

  • 1-th day.Arrival to the airhjrt of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, transfer to the hunting camp( 7 hours in a comfortable bus to Anavgay and 55 minutes in the helicopter Mi-8 ta the camp)
  • 2-day-12 th day. Hunting and fishing for 11 days.
  • 13-th day.Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky(from the camp to Anavgay 55 minutes in the helicopter and 7 hours by bus to Petropvlovsk-Kamchtsky, accommodation in a hotel.
  • 14-th day.Departure to Moskow.

The staff:

Every hunter dets a guide. In snow periods (from 15-20 of November) every hunter gets a guide with a snowmobile and sledge. There are a cook, a worker of the camp and a interpreter in the camp (if necessary).

Tour price Bear. Autumn.:

  • one hunter 1 bear – 6400 Euros  / 7500 $.
  • Additional trophy of an bear – 2050 Euros.
  • Hunting for partridge, water game animals and fishing ace for free.

Tour price Bear. Spring.:

  • one hunter 1 bear – 9400 Euros  / 11000 $ .
  • Additional tropny of an bear – 2050 Euros.
  • Hunting for partridge, water game animals and fishing are for free.

Tour price Bighorn Sheep. Autumn.:

  • one hunter 1 Sheep trophi – 12250 Euros / 14300 $.
  • Additional trophy of snooting any sheep 4000 Euros.
  • Hunting for partridge, water game animals and fishing are for free.

Tour price Bighorn Sheep + Bear. Autumn.:

  • one hunter 1 Sheep trophy + 1 bear trophy – 14500 Euros 17000 $.
  • Additional trophy of shooting any bear 1700 Euros / 2000 $.
  • Hunting for partridge, water game animals and fishing are for free.

Tour price Moose:

  • one hunter 1 Moose 15000 Euros / 17000 $.
  • Hunting for partridge, water game animals and fishing are for free.


  • because of an unstable weather there might be a fall out of 1 or 2 days from hunting.
  • for misses,ingjuries,for bringing to the animal, refuse of shooting there are no chargesli>(it is for free).

The price of the includes:

  • invitation to RF;
  • lictnse of bringing a gun;
  • medikal insurance;
  • meeting and guiding in the airport of Petrpavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
  • transfer to and from the camp including the price of the helicopter.
  • accommodation and from in the camp
  • chargts of guides;
  • licence;
  • veterinary test;
  • the price of the trophy including ist processing(treatment),packing and document for taking it out of the city(not from the country).

The price does not include:

  • avia tickets to Kamchtka and back 
  • payment trophies by baggage 
  • sending the trophies by baggage
  • CITES for trophy of a bear (in a case of taking it out of RF, adroad)

Wiht a must have:

  • A pair of binoculars.
  • The sleeping bag.
  • Warm waterproof clothing.


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9 Комментариев на “Kamchatka . Elk , Bighorn Sheer, Bear.”

  1. Евгений сказал:

    Добрый день. Меня интересует постоянное сотрудничество в области медвежей желчи, по какой цене можете сделать килограмм,как долго ждать. Меня интересуют пузыри каплевидной формы весом от 40 грамм и выше добытая в осенние время, желчь нужна только черая, глянцевая внутри. Хорошо очищенная от жира,правильно высушенная до консиcтенции пластилина,сухари 3-4 лет не предлагать

  2. Максим сказал:

    Добрый день! Интересует охота на барана в Мильковском районе в августе. Примерно 4 чел. 3-4 трофея. тел для связи 8-962-217-0003

  3. Юрий сказал:

    Есть места на тур лось -медведь на октябрь 2016г? Как быть при ввозе оружия с Украины ?( читал что поменяли правила и можно везти без сопровождения ). Что необходимо с одежды и тд для охоты ? С уважением Юрий

  4. gaston сказал:

    Hi, i need information, prices and photos for hunt Moose and sheep



  5. Леонид сказал:

    Интересует охота на каменного глухаря и водоплавающую дичь этой весной.

  6. ВЛАДИМИР сказал:


  7. Robert Grescho сказал:

    Я хочу спросить о возможности охоты на лося и медведя на Камчатке зимой 2018 года для 7 охотников.

    Robert Grescho

  8. Stephan Ackerstierna сказал:


    I am interested in hunting / shooting very big Moose (Elk).

    Can you send me information and prices?

    Warm regards

    Stephan Ackerstierna

  9. Сергей сказал:

    Добрый, день! интересует охота на снежного барана.
    сроки и условия по принятию решение?

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