Hunting for wolves

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Terms of hunting:

From 1 October to 1 March.

Number of hunters:

At least 3 people.

Duration of the tour:

10 – 14 days.

Movement on hunting:

On a snowmobile.
Accommodation in the Tent.


Arrivalin the city of Anadyr. Delivery is carried out to the place of hunting on an all-terrain Vehicle, snowmobile, can be on a flight helikopter.

Method of hunting:

The client with the huntsman (huntsman driving, the client in a sleigh) go on the route. Upon detection of a trace, or animal group catches up with him. Hunter shoots on the move. Distance called the shots about 50 meters.


For one hunter 6000 euro (service 4000 euro + 2000 euro ). A deposit of 3500 euro.

For a group of three people. 5500 euro (service 3500 euro + 2000 euro ).

Prepayment 3100 euros.

Additional trophy 3000 euros.


1 day. Meeting at the airport of Anadyr. Accommodation in hotel.

2 day. Departure to the place of hunting. Overnight stop.

3 day. Gunfire, rest.

4-11 day. Hunting, fishing, recreation.

12 day. Departure to Anadyr, hotel accommodation.

13 day. Departure to Moscow.

The price includes:

Meeting / seeing off at Anayr airport.

Permission tj enter thr border area.

The statement on the Migratory account.

Accommodation, meals 3 times a day.


Service ( 1 Ranger, 1 hunter ).

Treatment ot the trophy.

Veterinari healtn certificate.

The tour does not include:

Flight by helicorter Anadyr – village Snow or Bay of the cross 12000 rubles ( about 200 euros round trip ).

Trophy handling in Moscow 200 euro.


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