Chukotka Elk.

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Kamchatka. Milkovsky district.

The timing of hunting  :

Moose – from 10 September to 20 December.

Bear –  from 1 September to 30 November.

The duration of the tour :

7-10 days.



Moving on the hunt:

Horse, on foot, snowmobile.

Tour price :

Moose 5000 euros (3500 euros + 1500 euros trophy )
Prepayment 6300 euros. Payment for the trophy on the spot upon production of a trophy.

Bear 4000 euros. (2500 euros + 1500 euros trophy ). Prepayment 2500 euros. Paument for the trophy on spot upon production of a trophy.

Moose + Bear 9000 euros ( 6000 euros + 1500 euros Moose trophi + 1500 euros Bear trophy ). Prepayment 8000 euros. Payment for trophies to place upon production of the trophis.

Plan :

Day 1 arrivel, transfer to the hunting ground 350 kilometres.
2-5 day hunting.
Day 6 return to the city, accommodation in hotel.
Day 7 departure to Moscow.

The tour includes:

Invitation delivery email invitation.
Meeting/seeing off/
Delivery to the hunting area and back.
Service, processing of trophies, transportation.
Meals 3 times a day.
Veterinary certificate.

The tour does not include :

Shipment of the trophy 100 euros + service transportation company.
CITES – export permit of trophy Bear with skin 250 euros. The resolution is done in Moscow.

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